Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Bells

Yesterday my clients Patrick and Eri joined me for a full day of climbing in Acadia National Park. We decided to start off at the South Wall and finish up at Otter Cliffs. Just before we left the shop, Patrick told of his intention to propose to Eri on one of the climbs that day. I suggested the top of the Story of O, a classic three pitch route with beautiful vistas. We set off. Near the top of Story of O I suggested to Patrick that he should wait until the end of the day, to have a nice cap stone to what was shaping up to be great day of climbing. He agreed. We climbed several more pitches at the South Wall and Central Slabs before heading off to Otter Cliffs. At some point during the day Eri told me she really liked climbs with stemming. I knew what climb we should end on, and would make a great stage for Patrick to propose, The Great Chimney. After a couple of classic routes at Otter, it was time to set Patrick's plan into motion. Eri rappelled down into the chimney, Patrick collected himself, and within minutes Eri was almost at the top. Patrick lowered a small bag with the ring just bellow the top of the climb. Eri was comfortably stemming on the last moves of the climb and opened the bag. Patrick proposed, Eri said yes, thus concluding an awesome day of climbing with an unforgettable top out. It was a first for me in my guiding career and I felt honored to be a part of such a special moment in two peoples lives.


Dick Chasse


  1. Hi Dick, we just saw this post, very cool! We just emailed you some photos from that day (to climb@acadiamountainguides). Hope you are doing well, drop us a line when you have a chance! --Patrick and Eri

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